River Valley view - Austin TX

Amazingly enough, the rains have continued here in Austin. Is this July or what? This year we’ve already received our usual entire annual quota.

Sunday the clouds parted for awhile though. The result was a bit like a sauna, but hey, at least the roads were dry even if the air was heavy laden. I got out for a ride. Between work and being couped up I was really sucking wind though. Maybe it was the heat, maybe it was the humidity, maybe it was the late night before. Maybe all three. Regardless, I looked down while climbing Big View and I was going all of 3.3mph. Not so good.

This morning, much better, and really pleasant out. I snapped this photo at the top of the hill looking down over Lake Austin (the Colorado River south of Mansfield dam). Click for a larger version. I had neglected to bring my camera on my ride and the view into the valley was even more impressive when I initially crested the hill. I returned later after showering up and some breakfast and on my way to the office to snap this picture. Still was quite misty and scenic. Very interesting to descend into.