Gatwick – still enroute

Arrived safely in London at Gatwick. The flight was uneventful – which means good. No problems with security at this point but that’s because we’d read about the required bag sizes beforehand. I have a very small carry on – basically a large camera bag – and it went through without any problem. They were checking everyone’s bag┬ávery closely, and making most people put their bag in a little box to check its size.

Long layover here in Gatwick, hence the time to get on the internet here and make this post. There are plenty of shops but with hours to kill I’ve pretty much been through them all and I really don’t want to buy anything. Don’t have any place to carry it anyway. Sure hope bikes that have been checked are going to make it through ok. #

The flight to Pisa from here still doesn’t leave for a few more hours. Will probably grab another quick bite beforehand because otherwise it won’t be til tomorrow for anything to eat.

The ‘internet’ room here is located right next to the smoking section – ugh. Hard to breath around here.

Wonderfully sunny day here at Gatwick. With all the time to kill waiting for the connection, would have been nice to get out and explorer a little but dealing with security would have been a hassle so opt’ed not to do that.

Sorry, no pictures to post here yet. The only ones I think will be able to be posted are those through Kem’s phone. She’ll be able to email them directly to this blog. But before that works, someone at her office must set the ‘filter’s correctly. So, perhaps in another few days.

Not that much yet to take pictures of yet anyway, though we’ve managed to snap a few of each other as we start the journey. Will post a complete collection at the conclusion of the trip of course.

For now, it’s off to wander the airport a bit more and get in a little more reading. I have 2 books with me so plenty to keep me occupied. Though I’d rather just people watch some times.

Next stop, Pisa.

Italy 2006

I’ve created this blog to keep track of notes while I travel off to Italy over the next several weeks. We’ll see if or how I’m able to keep it up to date. I’m not taking a computer – by design – but I’m sure I’ll find access at some point and jot a few notes from time to time.

Under the theory that I might do the same in the future for some other travel, I gave this blog a fairly generic but relevant name. It’s actually kind of hard to choose a name that hasn’t already been taken.

Wish me luck on my journeys!