A Hill Country Outing to the Welfare Cafe

Welfare Cafe

I meant to post this picture and these notes ages ago. October brought with it some weekends of stunning weather. I figured what better time to actually take advantage of having a convertible and drop the top, enjoy the weather and head out into the hill country? There are a lot of interesting destinations out in the hill country west of Austin but sometimes half the fun is just the drive out there. The back roads have little traffic and the hill country offers some excellent vistas.

I was also hankering for some German food. Something about the arrival of fall always brings on a quest for some good German food. Fredericksburg is a good choice for that, but this time I opted to head for Welfare TX. Welfare is really nothing more than a spot in the road and way off the beaten path. Years ago someone had recommended a place called the Welfare Cafe there. I loved the food then and have always wanted to go back. They make a great schnitzel!

The drive out that way also takes you through a tiny little crossroads named Sisterdale. Sisterdale is home of Sister Creek Vineyards. The winery and tasting room are in a restored cotton gin (built in 1885). We pulled in there and checked it out before heading on to Welfare.

The food at the Cafe didn’t disappoint. We got a great spot out on the back patio because the weather was so great. The building was originally an old general store and post office. We took several pictures, but I liked this one at dusk the best:

Welfare Cafe