Moon over Austin

On the eve of a lunar eclipse, it seemed appropriate to snag a photo of the moon rising over the Austin skyline tonight. I snapped this from the pedestrian bridge over Town Lake. (Yes, I know it’s now supposed to be called Lady Bird Lake now but I still think of it as Town Lake.) It looks like we might be in for a good eclipse viewing – if I can stay up or get up at that hour. If it were just at 3am instead… I seem to get up at 3 regardless.

Moon over Austin

Neighborhood Hike

Seemed like a good day for a hike on the trail nearby my place today. I decided to turn on Runkeeper at the point I turned around to head back to see how far I’d gone. You can see the full results here. Just shy of 4 miles total out and back. Runkeeper does a nice job of mapping the route as well showing elevation and time. You can also choose to view the map with satellite imagery turned on. I snagged a screen grab of it to post here. As you can see, the trail runs along the western edge of the development. Much of the green area on the left is preserve so lets hope it stays that way.

Austin Fall Color

Austin fall color

If there’s one season I miss living here in Austin, it’s Fall. We do see some fall color, but you have to go looking for it and it doesn’t usually last long. I took these pictures just before Thanksgiving out on a trail near my place. Unlike yesterday, when we were pushing 80 degrees, today it feels like Fall again so it seemed appropriate to finally get around to posting these. It’s become something of an annual thing to post similar finds.

Austin leaves