Neighborhood Wildflowers

Neighborhood Bluebonnets

Everything’s in bloom around here so I’ve pocketed the camera when I’ve been out for neighborhood walks recently. After the wild winds and rains of previous days we have a quiet and sunny morning here and I got this snap of some bluebonnets up the hill a bit from here. Despite the drought we’re still in, the bluebonnets have been pretty good around here this year. Guess we got rains at just the right time. They’re certainly better than last year anyway.

Some of the flowers have to be pretty resourceful. These yellow ones I found clinging to the rocks sure seemed to be taking advantage of what little they had to work with.

Tough little flowers

Tired Squirrel

I don’t know whether it was the warm weather this past weekend or what, but it sure seemed to tucker out the squirrels around here. Kem and I went on a long walk around the Town Lake Hike and Bike trail over the weekend and we encountered multiple squirrels sacked out like this along the way.

This guy was zoned out enough to have no problem with me getting pretty close to take his picture either.

Tired Squirrel

Jan Delk – Bike Friday rider

I did the usual hilly loop from the house this morning. Down to Ski Shores and back. On many occasions while doing this route I have encountered an older woman riding along on her red Bike Friday. I’ll wave and say hi as I’m passing but today I found her stopped by the side of the road. I stopped to check on her. Everything was ok but we chatted for a bit. She’s something of an inspiration out there on the bike. If she’s a day younger than 70 I’d be very surprised. I’d hazard a guess more like mid 70’s. She loves her Bike Friday and though she hasn’t really traveled with it, she’s out there all the time on it. Good for her. I only hope I’m healthy enough to be out riding at her age.