Jan Delk – Bike Friday rider

I did the usual hilly loop from the house this morning. Down to Ski Shores and back. On many occasions while doing this route I have encountered an older woman riding along on her red Bike Friday. I’ll wave and say hi as I’m passing but today I found her stopped by the side of the road. I stopped to check on her. Everything was ok but we chatted for a bit. She’s something of an inspiration out there on the bike. If she’s a day younger than 70 I’d be very surprised. I’d hazard a guess more like mid 70’s. She loves her Bike Friday and though she hasn’t really traveled with it, she’s out there all the time on it. Good for her. I only hope I’m healthy enough to be out riding at her age.

3 thoughts on “Jan Delk – Bike Friday rider

  1. Ramona, thanks for the background on Jan. I haven’t seen her out riding recently but I’m certain I saw her earlier this year one morning.

  2. Jan Delk is my gandmother and indeed she is an inspiration – a role model for me. She is well into her 80’s and has left me in the dust on a backpacking trip in the Wimenuche (sp?) wilderness in Colorodo and a canoe trip on the Neches River. In the 60’s, she wrote a book called Aztec Trek about her exploits in Mexico – scuba diving where Cancun now is but was unknown at the time and climbing Mt. Popo near Mexico City. She showed me a movie she made of an African safairi she took in the 60’s and she took a canoe trip that followed the Lewis and Clark expedition through Canada with her beloved German Sheppard, Chrissie. My grandmother, Jan, is indeed an inspriration. Ramona Day

  3. I had to chuckle at the laid-back squirrel, and that was quite an accomplishment for you to get such a close-up. We have 2 and sometimes 3 & 4 active squirrels around here that chase each other crazily–all winter & summer long. This winter, it looked like kids had played in the snow, it was so disheveled after their scampering.

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