Guardian Angel in Hayes County

Dripping Springs TX ride

While we’ve had some wacky winter weather here in central Texas, it’s been warm enough to get out and enjoy the outdoors recently. On Sunday it was easily 60’s if not better and Kem and I wanted to find a ride with some rolling hills away from traffic but not way, way out if we could avoid it. (Who’s got the time?)

We settled on a ride out in the Dripping Springs area. I really like the Creek Rd route and thought I’d try to put together a loop route that kept us away from the major traffic and got us somewhere near 30 miles.

The map of the route I came up with seemed like an ideal route to do just that. Although, what looks good on ‘paper’, doesn’t always pan out in real life. Don’t trust this map. Many of these roads I’d ridden long ago – like years ago. But toward the southern end of the route, none of it was familiar. The road that took us back to Dripping Springs, didn’t seem to be where we thought it should be. We took a guess and thought we were going the right way, but ended up way off course. At some point, as we T’d into a busy highway, that became pretty obvious. Now what?! We were way down by Wimberley.

As we began to backtrack, I noticed another cyclist approaching us and we flagged her down. We all came to the realization pretty quickly that we had a long way to go to get back to where we were going. It wasn’t all that long and it was going to be dark too – and did I mention I hadn’t brought anything to snack on? We probably had more than 20 miles to get back to where we started. Thankfully, our new biker friend Polly had an office and her car just a couple miles down the road though. Fantastic! We rode over there and piled the bikes in and got a lift back to Dripping Springs. What a life saver!

Our new friend Polly turns out to be one of (or perhaps “the” only person?) behind Climb On! Products line of skin care products. We really can’t thank her enough. She really went out of her way – literally – to get us back to the car.