Spokes ‘n Spurs Bike Ride

Here are a few photos from the 2007 Spokes ‘n Spurs ride to benefit Spirit Reins ranch on March 10th. It would have been hard to ask for any better weather than we ended up with. Beautiful blue skies and just-warm-enough temps. They had a big turnout yesterday morning. Above are a couple shots of everyone getting ready at the start. Shiny happy people.


Could Kem and I be any more color coordinated with our bikes?


This next few were taken somewhere midway through the ride. Here’s Jim Moore and I and one of Kem and I stopped at one of the rest stops.


The rest stops along the way on this ride are really great. I remember this next one from the previous year. They have a sign that calls themselves the “Roadkill Cafe” and they put squished (rubber) animals in the snacks. Yes, those are animal crackers there. Next to that: Jim saying, “What, are you kidding me?!” Ok, maybe not, but it looks like he’s saying that.

Chas Kem Jim

After the ride, there were some fajitas and other food, plus a pretty good band. The woman singing here was doing her best Patsy Cline. Meanwhile, to the right, Jim checking out the band.

spokes 017-1
spokes 018

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