Siena & Tuscan Hill Towns


Stayed one night in Pisa, but just enough to get our bearings and then off to the south and Pienza. Stayed just outside Pienza at rural B&B. Wonderful quiet place named Le Traverse. A short hop into Pienza, a quaint town with interesting restaurants and shops. Pienza is home to Pecorino cheeses. Who knew there were so many types. From Pienza, trips over to Montalcino and Montapulciano, both homes to excellent red wines of the region. Montalcino is home to Brunello and Montapulciano is home to Vino Nobile. Now in Siena. 2nd of two rainy afternoons, but otherwise very nice. Great to just hang out at the very large Il Campo – essentially a very large open plaza area with many cafes. Currently staying just a block off the Il Campo at Palazzo Masi. A bit loud late at night though and quite a lot of traffic on very crowded streets. Pedestrians and cars & trucks share the same roadway. Watch out! Food’s been quite good. Found a great little place last night named La sosta di Violante.

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