Upcoming Rides – April & May

Red Poppy

A couple of Austin area rides are coming up. This weekend 4/28 is the Red Poppy Ride and then on May 12th is the Armadillo Hill Country Classic.

I don’t know anything about the Red Poppy Ride. I’ve never done that one. But then, this is apparently only their 3rd year, so I guess that’s not surprising. I don’t generally ride that much around the Georgetown area and it’s a shame they didn’t include a map of the ride on their site. Though the Sun City Cyclists have an excellent collection of ride maps around the area on their page here.

Are there really more red poppies growing in Georgetown than other areas? Hmm. Can’t say as I’ve seen any growing around here so I must admit, I completely stole the picture of the red poppies along with this post. The http://www.redpoppyfestival.com/ site says they’re the red poppy capital of Texas though. Cool. Who knew.

The Armadillo ride is, though, one I’ve done a number of times. It’s up in the Liberty Hill area and always a favorite. Get there early. Parking’s usually a bear.

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