The Breezer – in for minor surgery

My daily commuter and coffeeshop ride is, this afternoon, at the local bike shop. In for a little corrective surgery. Kem and I were driving down the road this afternoon and my bike fell off the back of the car! Oh nooo! What a nasty surprise that is when you hear it.

I had actually checked the rack at least twice. It seemed solid. It’s one of those Thule rear mount types that you set the bike into. No need to remove a wheel or much of anything. It’s very convenient though apparently not idiot proof. The part that engages the front tire apparently was just not placed at just the right spot on the front wheel and it managed to slide down and the bike fell over. The rear tire stayed in though, so it just dragged down the street for a bit on the Tekno brake levers and handlebar ends. So, those are shot. The handlebars are a little out of alignment as well but that seems like it’ll be easy to resolve.

I could have probably just ordered some parts and fixed it, but I opted to bring it over to Sport Shop. They’ll fix’er right up – and no doubt faster than I’d get to it. Of course, I’ll get tagged with a parts & labor cost of $70. Sigh.

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