Time In The Saddle

Brooks saddle

Just a little over a month till TOMRV. I think the ride may be pretty challenging. Been trying to log a bit more time in the saddle in prep. For a ride as long as this one, half the battle is just making sure you’re ready to sit on the saddle for 100 miles.

For years I’ve ridden the Specialized saddles that have the split down the middle. They’re pretty comfortable as far as such things go. Since the start of the new year though, I’ve been riding a Brooks saddle on my Waterford.

When you first get it, the thing is truly as hard as a piece of plywood. It even sounds like wood when you rap your knuckles on it. But as I’ve ridden it, I’ve found it does have some give to it. Just enough, and not too much. And now that I’ve been riding it for a few months, it’s beginning to conform a bit better to me. I can see the shape of it has changed a little. I can’t really say it’s any more comfortable than my Specialized saddles though. At least not at this point. My Trek still has a Specialized and I switch between bikes enough that I can say it just doesn’t make that much difference. When it comes to how it looks though, it’s a lot cooler looking on the classic lines of the Waterford than the Specialized could ever hope to be.

By the way, I would link you over to the Brooks web site, but it’s a horribly annoying site and breaks like half these rules.

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