Flashback – NZ tour ’05

New Zealand Tour Group - Wanaka, NZ

The new PedalTours catalog arrived in the mail this week and had me longing for another tour in New Zealand. I had a great time there in ’05. It had me digging out my old photos and reminiscing about that trip. Thought I’d post a couple of them.

Yes, that’s me with the SpongeBob jersey on. And as you can see, it was chilly there that morning even though it was summer when we did the ride. (Their summer that is.)

Maybe another year in the not too distant future I’ll go again.

The second picture was one of those rare moments on the west coast of the south island when it didn’t look as though it were just about to rain.

New Zealand - south of Punakaiki

2 thoughts on “Flashback – NZ tour ’05

  1. great pic–nice to recognize leon, patricia and alex. also like that bit of growth on your chin đŸ˜‰

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