Dog Days o Summer

Mmm, Frappacino

The last couple weekends I’ve been riding the Bike Friday. Over the Labor Day weekend I’ll be doing a cycling trip up in New Hampshire and I figured the Air Friday would be just the ticket for the trip. While it’s not exactly the most flattering picture I’ve ever had taken of me, here’s a shot of me with my Bike Friday that Kem took this past Sunday. We had a fun ride in the hills of NW Austin.

If I look hot and sweaty, well, it’s August in Texas. What do you expect? In fact, one of the reasons for making the trek up to New Hampshire to ride is to hopefully find some cooler weather for a change. I get so sick of the hot weather by this time of year. Plus, it’s just fun to check out a new place. Looks like it should be a really fun trip. Kem will be joining me too.

The ride will be supported through Bike Vermont. I’ve done one of their rides before. For the most part, it should be a pretty cushy ride. Bike Vermont’s a touring company that’s been around for decades. They do a nice job and the food & inns are top notch.

It’s otherwise been awhile since I’ve posted. It’s been a very busy summer. Lately it’s been just a lot of work. I’m working to scale up and migrate a web site and in the event it isn’t obvious, such an endeavor takes a lot of effort. Still though, I’ve managed to take some nice breaks.

A couple weekends ago we got out and did the Bertram to Lampasas ride. There’s a picture of Kem attached below of that ride. We got caught a couple of times having to deal with some low water crossings. Sometimes, as in this case, it’s just better to walk across than try to ride through. They can be surprisingly slippery. It’s really an oddly wet summer though. This picture was taken in August! Normally a little creek like this would be close to bone dry at this time of year. Everything is usually drying up and brown and the city starts sending watering schedules out to conserve water. This year though, August is looking like a spring month. Everything is still very green. In fact, it’s rained again the last couple of days – on top of the rains we got last week in the wake of tropical storm Erin.

Kem gets her toes wet

3 thoughts on “Dog Days o Summer

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  2. Hi Chas…thanks so much for the kind words about Bike Vermont! Hope we can lure you East again this summer. Larry Niles President Bike Vermont

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