Off to New Hampshire

Contemplating my next move

I’ve arrived in New Hampshire by way of Boston. On my way to Etna, NH and some rural road cycling this weekend. Amazingly, the flights went off like clockwork. Both out of Austin and out of Chicago, on time all the way. Can’t remember the last time that’s happened.

Nice summer day up here. Didn’t feel like driving all the way up. Instead, opted to go about half way. Landed at the Colby Inn in Henniker. Henniker is a one-light little town off the beaten path. Nice and quiet here. The is a comfortable place. Nice rooms and great dinner last night. Great wine selection too. After dinner we were treated to a refreshing thunderstorm. Hopefully that’ll reveal nicer weather today.

The picture here is in the back yard at the inn. They had a chess board set out in the lawn. Kem and I played a game. It’s been awhile since I’ve played chess. Kinda fun though. I’m looking way too contemplative here in this picture though.

We’ll take in some hiking this morning, then it’s off to Etna to put together the travel bikes and meet the other folks we’re riding with. Hoping it’s a small group. The only other time I’ve done a BVT tour it was a pretty small group so assume this will be the same.

Ok, off to breakfast…

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