Rip Roarin’ Ride 2007

Chas & Kem on Rip Roarin' ride 2007

Saturday morning was the Rip Roarin’ Ride in Liberty Hill, which is not too far a drive from here. 30 min give or take. The area is one of my favorites to ride for the rural scenery and low traffic. Thought I’d jot a few notes and post this picture of Kem and me.

Was a pretty good turnout – would guess somewhere around 500+ riders – and the Lions Club that puts it on did a nice job with the rest stops and support. Once again my registration fee nets me a t-shirt of questionable value. Though, I’m sure I’ll find some time/place to make use of it. We noticed a few ball caps with their ride logo on them. I think I’d much prefer a ball cap than a t-shirt.

Kem joined me on the 49-miler (which was 50 when all was said and done.) Was a really pleasant route. Rolling. One steep hill the whole route. None of the roads were new to me, but always fun to ride again.

We caught the picture here at one of the later rest stops. They’d really outdone themselves with the scarecrow decorations at this stop. It doesn’t feel like autumn weather here at all yet, but the decorations that people put out at this time of year are starting to come out in force. The stores have piles of pumpkins already too. I guess it is October next week already so I should expect it. Still so tropical around here right now though.

The barrage of catalogs have started to arrive in my mail too. I know, I know, time to starting thinking about Christmas already isn’t it. It’s too early…

Don’t see any organized rides for next weekend. Bound to be something that comes up though.

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