Port de Sóller

Port de Soller
Chas on the trail in Port de Sóller
View from Nautilus

Friday was a day I just wandered around the area. I got up at a reasonable hour, but then fell asleep again and rolled out around noon I think. My internal clock is all messed up.

For awhile, I just sat at one of the tables out front of the hotel on the square and had a snack and watched the interesting people go by. While it may not be the height of the tourist season, the place is still packed with us tourists. Among the tourists, mostly I’ve noticed German and English being spoken. Lots of German. And that’s British English not American English. In fact, I don’t think I’ve encountered another American at this point. At least one I could tell anyway.

I’ve noted a few things regarding styles in my short stay: Chuck Taylors are in – or are still in. I’ve had a pair for years and of course these are the same old type of shoes I wore in junior high basketball years ago, but I’m seeing them everywhere here. Oh, and Kem, the “man capris” are the thing to have. Shorts? no, “man capris”. 😉

The bank (or was that a pharmacy) time/temp sign showed 41C degrees. Ouch! It felt hot but is it really that hot? That’s like 105F. Anyway, it was a hot day.

Early afternoon I decided to check out the nearby port town of Port de Sóller. It’s not directly connected, but just a short drive. You can also take a slow little trolley from town to town. Once over there I took the stroll around the town down by the beaches. Very nice little place. Touristy but not too much of the “T-shirt shop” variety. Plenty of creamy white bellies baking in the hot sun on the beach. I passed the beach and headed for the hills. Ended up finding an interesting trail. There’s a shot of me here parked on a rock off the trail. Nice vantage point to look out over the Mediterranean. At one point a wild goat appeared and seemed as stunned to see me as I was it. It was a mama goat and had two little baby goats in tow. Eventually she decided I must not be a threat and decided to pass. I snapped a picture but it didn’t come out so good. Maybe I’ll be able to fix it up and add it here later.

The best part of the day though was relaxing later at a place I happened by, right near the start of the trail I wandered down. It was just by chance I even noticed it. It was a little place named Nautilus that had a deck that looked out over the Mediterranean toward the west. Seemed like a nice spot to catch the sunset. A bonus was they actually had good food! I ordered some baked brie and some wine and settled in. Later I got some “sea bass” – served whole (which is a lot different than the sea bass we find back home – which makes me wonder if they are the same thing. Regardless, it was very good. Muy bien!) It was served with some small buttered potatoes, sauteed veggies & peppers, and prosciutto wrapped asparagus. Wow! great stuff.

It was all a little pricey, of course, but then aside from the good food, you’re paying for the view. And what a great view. Reminded me a bit of Nepenthe in Big Sur though only a fraction of the size. Surprisingly the place wasn’t full. There were plenty of tables available. Possibly a sign it’s not the height of tourist season?

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