Last Day: Another Girona Loop

The guys in Osor

Our last day of riding was a tough one. Not that the ride was that tough, but my cold was in full swing. Jill referred to it as “The Grip” and that was a pretty accurate name. I brought up the rear since I was sneezing and otherwise honking my sinus juices across the countryside.

The route was to be a loop ride – from Girona out to Osor and then back. To Osor was to be about 45K. The van would be in Osor though and as we mounted up for the ride I was pretty sure I’d take the van ride back.

The ride up to Osor was quite a nice one despite my cold. A couple of climbs, the longest being the one up to Osor, but very pretty and heavily wooded country. The last part of the route up to Osor snaked up alongside the Riera d’Osor. In otherwords, a little river.

We snacked on a picnic lunch up at Osor and then I vanned back. Later others would say they wished they joined me only because the route out in the morning was the prettiest part and the afternoon added nothing.

Note the picture of the guys in Osor. I’m dressed as if it’s winter. Not sure if I had a fever or not but definitely was feeling some chills. My hair’s all out of whack. I manage to plaster on a smile for the camera. Would you guess the two big guys here used to play some college football? You’d guess right.

I managed a nap later in the afternoon but I wanted to join everyone for the final dinner out. I’m glad I did. We met for drinks for a bit and then went to a wine bar and had ‘pica pica’ (a little of this a little of that) for dinner. We started with some Cava (Spain’s sparkling wine) and then salads and then some meat dishes, one after the other. A really nice red wine named Tinta Fina of cabernet and merlot and by Valtravieso was served. It came from the Ribera del Duero region of Spain.

We all managed to clean up pretty good for our last dinner out. Here’s a picture of the group. That’s me on the right. You wouldn’t guess I was all that sick in this case but I think the meds were kicking in.

Note that Marty Jemison had joined us for dinner. He’s the namesake of the tour company and was back from the custom tour that had been going on concurrently. It was great to meet him. Was a really nice guy. He’s the guy 2nd from the back on the right side of the picture.

Dinner in Girona

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