Cycling Texas Again

Liberty Hill mule
Liberty Hill Longhorns

From Spain and France it’s back to cycling the roads of Texas. From now through spring is such a great time to get out and enjoy the back roads. Thought I’d upload a few pictures from a recent excursion. The weather has finally turned cooler and the last few weekends have been excellent. I snapped the photos here a couple weeks ago on a route out in my favorite neck of the woods up near Liberty Hill and Bertram.

The mule here wandered over and must have been under the impression I was going to feed him something. The longhorns and buffalo (yes buffalo!) with him couldn’t seem to care less. Though I was able to get at least one to look up.

I have no idea what the purple flowers are but they were perfuse that day. They fact that they were blooming at all was impressive. Up till the last few days it hadn’t rained around here in a couple months.

Bertram Flowers

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