January Cycling

Our weather the last couple of weekends has been pretty good for cycling. Last weekend Jim, Tony and I got out north of Liberty Hill and rode out to Joppa and back. It’s somewhere around a 35 mile loop. Good roads, not much traffic. For the most part, it’s only a route that makes sense in the winter months. It’s a loop route that from start to finish has no place to stop for water or anything else – that is, unless you wanted to go beg for something at someone’s house/ranch. I’m not sure I’d recommend that in TX. Or, you could carry a lot more water than usual.

This weekend was equally nice. Maybe even a bit warmer. Just did the usual loop ride from the house a couple times though rather than head out to the boonies. So, no new photos. I thought this one from last weekend was a particularly good one of Jim and me though.

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