Another good Bertram to Burnet Ride

Chas biking to Burnet

This weekend’s ride with Jim and Tony was an old familiar favorite. Click through the link for the route map. This time we did the ride clockwise in part to avoid a steep climb when you do it counter clockwise. In the end, of course, the elevation gain over the course of the loop ride is gonna be the same, but the grades in a few places are different so it can seem slightly less intimidating.

We were fortunate to have cloud cover for a good portion of the ride. When the clouds lifted and the sun came out it was obvious it was going to heat up quickly. We’d gotten a fairly early start at 8:30 but that still had us out there late morning to finish up the 40 mile route.

A stiff wind out of the southwest had the first part of the ride kind of a slog. Once we rounded the corner of the loop though and headed north toward Burnet we made really good time though.

We stopped at one point and took a few pics with the phone cameras. Tony snapped the one of me alone and then Jim took the one of me and Tony.

Chas and Tony en route to Burnet, TX.

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