Willamette Valley Wines – 2012

What would a trip up to Oregon be without taking a little time out to visit wineries. I always enjoy visiting the Willamette Valley. It’s pretty country to drive through and the wines are excellent. The last visit was all the way back in 2009. Time for a return visit.

I visited several wineries this time that I’d never been to. Here’s a quick recap of some favorites:

First up was Brooks. It’s a very small place and I was the only person tasting. I think I arrived shortly after they opened so I had a personal tasting. They were doing a complete tasting of their Rieslings. They also had a Rosé wine made from Pinot Noir. All very good though my fav here was their Janus Pinot Noir.

One of the more interesting tastes of the day was De Ponte Cellars Melon de Bourgogne. “green apple, pear, fruit blossoms, banana and citrus…” Ok then. This was tasty stuff.

My fav of the day went to the White Rose Estate 2009 White Rose Vineyard Pinot Noir. Click through for all the details.

Tip: If you’re coming up from the south like I was you can’t go wrong with a stop into Harvest Fresh in McMinnville. It’s a little grocery but they have a great deli and will pack up sandwiches for your trip out to the wineries. Lots of ’em have picnic tables and don’t mind if you have your lunch out there.

Check out the slideshow for some pics of the day.

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