The Memorial Day weekend presented an opportunity to get away and I love visiting the Willamette Valley in Oregon so a plan emerged. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve been there and what I didn’t know was that Memorial Day weekend is one of only two times a year that most of the wineries in the area open up or have special events. I found a great landing page on the events at

Rather than try to cram the resulting visits into a single post I’ll make another 3 posts for each of the days. It’s been a couple weeks since getting back and even though I’ve had the best intentions of jotting some notes it’s always hard to find time. Thankfully I have a few notes and photos.

Here are the three posts:

The following photo was taken off the back deck at Youngberg Hill inn just outside McMinnville. It was home base for the weekend and just a fantastic place to sit back and look out at the beautiful hills.