Piedmont: Stay 1 – La Terrazza sulle Torri

I’m going to backdate these notes since this was my 1st stay and at this point I’m already on to my 3rd stay of the 2014 Italy trip.

After the preliminary steps of getting to Turin and getting a car, the next step was obviously off to my first place to stay for the duration. I was wiped out and did not have my luggage at this point (did not make the fast connection) so probably not in the best of moods. I was just ready to find my B&B and just chill for awhile.

I could have probably just arranged something in Turin over night on that first day and then headed out into the countryside but I’d much rather be immersed in the culture of a small town (relatively) right away than the big city. At least that’s been my experience on previous trips so I just opted to go directly from the airport to Alba. It only sucked because I didn’t have my luggage and I’d now have to deal with the delivery of that. After getting the car, travel time was somewhere on the order of an hour and a half, give or take.

Nothing remarkable on the drive down to Alba other than it’s all rather nice countryside and as you approach Alba things start to quickly become hilly. But the central part of Alba is not hilly at all.

I fired up the GPS to get me to Alba and the ‘Terrace of the Towers’ better known as La Terrazza sulle Torri.

When I first arrived in town, by at least the GPS’s accounting I was in the right place but for the life of me I couldn’t find the place. I walked up and down the street. Nothing looked remotely like what I might expect to be a B&B. I think it was mostly because I was tired and just missing things. Later I realized there was a sign on the wall of the building that I hadn’t noticed. Ok, so it was at least a little small.

Still though, even if I had found the right door, I had to call Lorenzo because the B&B was on the top floor of what seemed to be an apartment building and the only way in was thru a locked door. In any case, I called Lorenzo and parked on a bench near the traffic circle. 5 minutes later or less there was Lorenzo on his scooter as promised. He walked me over to the bldg and took me to the top floor and checked me in.

The B&B wasn’t fancy but it was just right. It was a great room, that had a nice deck, a comfy bed, and was just a half a block from the core central part of Alba. After a quick freshen-up, I was off to explore Alba – and get something to eat! (And by the way, you can’t go wrong for a quick bite and some wine by the glass at Vincafe in central Alba. Lorezno had recommended it and it was a great first landing spot to get some pasta and a glass of wine.)

Lorenzo and his wife were extremely helpful throughout. They were not living on the premises but he gave me restaurant recommendations immediately and then the next morning was my lifeline to getting my luggage SNAFU worked out. They were there each morning by 9am.

Breakfasts here were a pretty simple affair. They had a bunch of different local foods out and available in the morning. Things like hazelnuts, fruit, yogurt, granola, coffee, milk, juice, fresh bread, jams/marmalades/butter. Was nice just to grab a coffee and head back to the patio deck and get the morning air.

The location made for a nice home base. From this point I made multiple trips (by car) out into the surrounding areas for regional enotecha at Grinzane Cavour and a Barbaresco winery.

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