Piedmont: Cycling Day 1

1st day of cycling is done – except for what’s bound to be a pretty nice meal. As expected, the first day was pretty cush. Mostly it’s about shuttling to a start, having some lunch and just things putting things together or adjusting things. There are a lot of intros and the usual route discussions.

The ride was a short one (less than 30 miles). Because we got separated from our luggage at the start, I neglected to have the Garmin onboard so I have no route map for the route. We started at the Racconigi Castle and rode to our stay for the night at Palazzo Righini in Fossano. The place is so far fantastic. I have high expectations on the dinner later that’ll be in their restaurant.

The ride was super easy. That’s ok though. It just felt great to get out on the bike and get in some time in the saddle to spin for a while. I’ve been off the bike for two weeks now and have been eating like a field hand so it felt good to do something more active than running through airports.

As you can see, the lunch spread was plentiful. That’s one of our ride leads, Renee, relating what all we’ve got there. The other photo here is of me pre-ride.

Tommorrow we head into the Langhe hills so it should start to get a lot more interesting.

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