Girona Bicycle Tour

I’ve collected here my links to a set of web photo albums and earlier blog notes on my fantastic Marty Jemison bike tour in Spain this past September.

I’ve segmented the notes and pictures more or less by the days of the tour, which ran for a week. To the extent I remember, it’s chronological. Click the links to read the notes I wrote at the time. Or, click the pictures to go to the online web albums and just read the captions. When you’re viewing an album, it’s easiest to just click the ‘slideshow’ link within an album and then adjust the number of seconds it plays back the pictures accordingly. I think it defaults to only 3 seconds, which is a little short to read the captions and view the pictures.

Not all of these pictures are one’s I took. I added a few of the pics of me and some of the group from pictures taken by Cindy, Jill and Julie.

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