The Willow City Loop

This past Saturday I had planned to ride the Pedal Power Wildflower ride. Turned out though that the winds on Saturday were blowing at a sustained 20-30mph most of the day. I opted out of riding in that. Getting pushed all over the road and slogging against the wind for hours isn’t generally my idea of a good time.

Sunday, on the other hand, was absolutely perfect around here. Sunny, little or no wind, and temps a comfortable 73. What a difference a day makes. A perfect time to go out and ride the route that we were supposed to have done on Saturday. The route map was posted online (see the route map) so Kem and I drove out there on Sunday morning and did the 62 miles. It’s really a beautiful route. Yeah, it’s hilly and the roads are kinda rough in places, but it just has such great views.

The whole ride had lots of great wildflowers to see, but the Willow City Loop part of it was particularly prolific this year. Most noticeable right now of course were the Bluebonnets. We encountered several other bicyclists doing the route on the same day. Mostly though, there were a LOT of Sunday drivers just out poking around the Loop. The number of cars, trucks and motorcycles easily out numbered the cyclists by a couple orders of magnitude. Thankfully, everyone was going slow.

One of my favorite rides.

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