Memorial Day Americana

Memorial Day Americana
Originally uploaded by chas.

The long Memorial Day weekend is coming to a close. Back to the work week tomorrow morning. Early.

I remember being in the high school marching band for the memorial day parade – long ago. I remember practically dying of heat stroke in that horrible band uniform. It couldn’t have been that hot, could it?

Not much around here today to note that this was a national holiday. I don’t think there was a parade. It rained again. A lot! So it seemed there just weren’t that many people out and about.

I did snag this picture of at my neighbors house though. The weather cleared this afternoon and it was a good time to get out on motorcycles – and bicycles. The juxtaposition of the flag and the Harley caught my eye though and thought I’d post it.

The guy that owns this bike is a veteran of the war in Iraq, a fireman and is battling cancer. If I were him, I’d be out on a bike too.

Final words for the day from Mark Twain.

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