Wet Weekend

Wet oak leaves

Saturday was cold, wet – raw. One of those days that’s mostly a good day to stay inside. In fact, took time to haul out the bread machine and fire it up to make a loaf of bread. Always makes the house smell good. Still though, felt like getting out and moving a little. There’s a pretty nice trail not far from here and I go down there an hike it on occasion. It’s pretty short, only an hour walk. Even so, it’s a nice diversion and out of view of most anything that would suggest it’s tucked into a vast tract of suburban sprawl.

I brought the camera and snapped a few shots. A couple turned out OK and I’ve included them here. Some of the oak leaves were still surprisingly brightly colored. Accentuated by the wetness no doubt. And the one of the creek I like because the ripples in the water turned out better than I imagined they would. I’m not sure of the name of the creek, but it was flowing pretty good on this occasion.

Raindrops in the creek

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