Austin Java
Central Market Jazz

Last weekend Kem and I rode the tandem down to Austin Java to grab a late morning breakfast. The weather was warm but ideal to get out and enjoy it. The week before we’d had some pretty bad storms in Austin and the bike route we took required that we not once but twice pick the tandem up and lift it over fallen tree limbs. What a mess! But quite the adventure.

The storm made a mess of west Austin. Lots of hail damage and wind damage that was surprisingly extensive. Tree limbs down everywhere. The hail had sheered off a lot of leaves as well and for a week there it seemed like all you could hear were the sound of leaf blowers.

Anyway, we managed the trip down to Barton Springs Rd and Austin Java despite the obstacles. They had a great little jazz band playing and we managed to snag a table out on the patio. Breakfast Quesadillas. Mmmm.

On the way back, we pulled in to Central Market to pick up some food for later. They had a band playing as well so we stopped to listen for a short while. One of the nice things about Austin is you can find interesting live music like this all the time.