Cruisin’ Lake Austin

Ski Shores Austin TX
Cap'n Scot
Tieing off at Hula Hut

As a change of pace, this weekend I reconnected with Scot. Hadn’t seen him in months. Kem, Scot and I headed out on Lake Austin on Scot’s boat. His daughter is off to camp and Scot has time on his hands. He’s had his boat in a slip down at Ski Shores for ages. Ski Shores is not just a boat slip, it’s a quintessentially Austin hole in the wall that’s been around since the ’50s. It’s a perfect hangout for sipping a cool one, grabbing a burger/snacks and watching the boats motor by. Saturday though, we were the ones motoring by.

We made our way down the lake marveling at the many unbelievable homes along the lake. There are a few that might qualify as not much more than cabins, but they’re few and far between these days. Instead, it’s mostly multi-million dollar places that just make you say “wow”.

Just before Tom Miller dam at the south end of the lake is another fun Austin hangout named the Hula Hut. We tied off there and went in for some lunch. It’s sort of a Mexican restaurant, although not exactly. They say Mexican and Polynesian. We had fajitas, so it was definitely Mexican for us.

The bridge pictured below here is a landmark on Lake Austin. It’s named the Pennybacker bridge, but no one I know actually calls it that. It’s just the 360 bridge. Many years ago now, I used to have an office high up on Courtyard Dr that overlooked the bridge. Great view from up there – though we were so busy we rarely had time to enjoy the view back then.
360 Bridge

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