Out and About Easter Sunday

Chas and Kem's Easter Tandem Ride

The weather started off a little ugly on Easter morning around here. A line of thunderstorms rolled through very early. But as quickly as they rolled through they were out of here and by late morning it was just fantastic out. A perfect, crisp and clear Easter morning.

So after a nice church service full of great music at Westminster, Kem and I took her tandem out for a spin. As you can see, we stopped for some snapshots. Here’s one of me among some wildflowers and alongside the big blue bike.

The other picture below is one of some really great looking flowers that Kem’s neighbors have growing at the front of their house.

Later we dropped the top on the convertible and took the long route out near Lake Travis on Lime Creek Road to friend’s the Moore’s for a little afternoon party they were having. Was really a great afternoon.

Unknown Flower

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