Chas & Kem arrive in Honolulu
Kem on the beach

We’ve arrived in Honolulu! It was a long flight from Houston and we were definitely happy to be off the plane. Kem’s mom had prearranged for us to have a greating and receive the beautiful leis you see us wearing in the photo.

The flight was more than a little disconcerting. About 4 hours out – over nothing but water and hours left to go – everyone began to smell some sickening burning electical fumes. Something electrical was definitely burning and the smell was getting worse. The flight attendants started coming up the aisles shouting to check all laptops and anything electrical. Needless to say it was a little tense there for a bit high above the ocean. Eventually the air cleared and after what seemed like a long time the captain came on and announced a recirculating fan had burned out. They had “contained” it. Um, yeah. We white-knuckled it for the rest of the trip and hence the big smiles in the picture. Glad to be on the ground.

The hotel’s nothing special but we figured we wouldn’t really be around there much anyway.

We spent the rest of what was left of the day down wandering the beach and hanging out at a resort lounge by the ocean. Just enjoying some tasty snacks and a nice glass of wine. The time change had us exhausted early so we crashed by 9. More later…

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