Some Hiking on Oahu

Yesterday was our first full day of getting around Oahu to see a few things. We met up early with Jeff, Kem’s aunt’s nephew who happens to live here on Oahu and works as a geologist. He had some fantastic suggestions for us and took us all out to a spot for a great hike not far from Honolulu. We drove a ways into the hills and then got out and hiked for perhaps an hour up to the edge of some cliffs overlooking Waimanalo Bay on the windward side. The hike up was just challenging enough. Lots of climbing up and over rocks and roots and generally up. It definitely got our hearts going and we worked up a little sweat. But it wasn’t really all that long. Far more challenging on the legs to come down rather than go up.

I took this picture once we got to the top. It looks out over the bay. The color of the water is really spectacular.

We ended the day with a drive up and around Diamond Head to another place Jeff had recommended called the Hotel Kahala. The hotel grounds were nice to wander before dinner. They have dolphins there swiming around, sea turtles, exotic fish, and beatiful flowers. Dinner there outdoors was excellent.

We took a ton of other pictures yesterday but they’ll have to wait. I’ll post some more later. We’re off to get on a sailboat today…

Looking out over Waimanalo Bay, Oahu

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