Waikiki Beach – Fun in the Sun

The Maitai on Waikiki
Chas with Mimosa

Yesterday was all about having some fun in the sun. Kem had made some reservations to do some sailing/snorkeling mid morning. We got a leisurely start and eventually made our way down to Waikiki beach. There are a bunch of catamaran sail boats that leave directly from the beach. No docks, they just come to a stop on the beach and tie down to a stake in the sand. We got down to the beach and thought we had found the right boat. We even got on and were headed out and only then realized we were on the wrong boat! We could see the one we were supposed to be on coming in for a landing. So they turned around and unloaded us and we got on the ‘right’ boat. The funny thing was though the boats were very similar and ours ended up going out and anchoring (for snorkeling) right next to the one we’d just gotten off. Basically they offered the same service. You can see the Maitai before we headed off in the picture here. The sailing off the coast was a blast.

Later we just parked it on the beach for awhile. We hadn’t really seen much of Waikiki beach so we wandered down the coast a bit. Waikiki beach is sort of like Rodeo Drive and Las Vegas rolled together next to the beach. It’s jammed wall to wall with high rise hotels and high end retail. Not surpisingly we took in the sights but didn’t really do much in the way of ‘shopping’. We just unrolled the beach towels and joined the folks on the beach. Warm, but lovely breezes so not too hot. Water was a great temp so easy to cool off when you wanted.

Later we wandered down the beach to a shady resort hotel and ordered some lunch and as you can see in the picture, a couple of drinks. In the picture here I’m holding up the Mimosa that Kem had ordered. My smirk here is just part of the laughing at the too-cuteness of the umbrella and flower in the drink.

Later we decided we hadn’t had enough sailing yet and hooked up with an impromptu ride with another hourly boat tour operator. They too were sailing a big catamaran. This time though we got out on the netting up front and really enjoyed the waves. Some splashing but we actually thought we’d get a lot wetter. Quite the roller coaster ride.

Today, probably another visit to the beach…

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