A Short Visit to Oregon, part 1

We’re enjoying coffee on the porch of the Hillside Inn in Bend this morning. 53 degrees. We’re loving it. A welcome change to the heatwave we’ve been enduring in Austin.

We flew in to Portland on Thurs and spent the afternoon out on Mt Hood. We drove up to Timberline Lodge and hiked a small portion of the Pacific Crest trail. It’s right at the tree line starting just above the Lodge. Above us further still there was snow, though not much. ‘Down’ at the tree line where we were at it was warm and dry, and there were lots of flowers. All along the trail we walked there were tons of what my searching would suggest are “Subalpine Lupines”. I could be wrong of course. There seems to be hundreds of different types of Lupines and they all look very similar. (The Texas Bluebonnet is a type of Lupine too, and these flowers were reminiscent of Bluebonnets though the scent is completely different.)

After hiking, we returned to the Brightwood Guest House B&B. Bonnie and Jeff were the friendly hosts there and they have a small guest house next to their own home. It was situated next to a creek with all the amentities of home and then some. The evening air was good for lighting the firewood in what I guess you would call a fire pit though it was more like a portable outdoor fireplace. We hung out for awhile by the fire and were joined by Bonnie and Jeff. Their friendly and very fluffy cat Hoi decided to join us too. Their two dogs were apparently busy elsewhere.

The breakfast the next morning – which was brought out to our guest house kitchette – was excellent! There was coffee, fresh fruit, an egg scramble, hash browns, some interesting vegetarian sausage patties – and blueberry pancakes. Wow! Needless to say we did not go hungry!

Mt Hood Lupine

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