Back on the Bike

It’s been a very hot summer. Ridiculously hot. Since mid June, triple digit heat nearly every day. Since the beginning of June, 19 high temperature records have been broken. The AC runs night and day. But thank God for AC – and fans.

So there really hasn’t been much incentive to be too active outdoors recently. But then again, it’s still bearable in the mornings and cycling is my preferred way to get some exercise. A bum knee has kept me down and out though. In the last few days, it’s finally begun to improve. So I ventured out for a ride on Saturday. Nothing too strenuous. But it sure felt good to have the breeze in my face again! My ride was on the fat tire Breezer bike. You can see it in the picture below.

Then on Sunday, Kem and I took her cruiser tandem out for a nice ride. We stopped off for some brunch along the way. No pictures of that, but it was sure a tasty omelet. Russell’s bakery has a new (or relatively new) location on Kerbey Lane. Unlike the Hancock location, they do a full breakfast at the new location. I’m sure we’ll be back again.

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