Merry Christmas!

Here on a Christmas Eve morning I’ve got my latte in hand and some Vince Guaraldi Christmas’y tunes streaming thru Pandora. A nice way to start the Christmas weekend. Thought you might like to see the picture of the Zilker Christmas tree I took last night as I left the office. You can read all about the “tree” at the link. Of course, the city doesn’t actually call it a Christmas tree, just a tree. But then they only light it at Christmas time. It’s not actually a tree of course. It’s just a bunch of wires strung in the shape of a tree. But it’s 155 ft tall and from a distance it sure looks like a Christmas tree doesn’t it.

I took this from the top of the parking garage next to the office. Five floors up, you can get a pretty good view of the city up there. The lens I used is slightly telephoto, but not much. And I cropped the picture to the interesting part. The tree’s been a sight to stop a moment and gaze at in recent weeks before hopping in the car for the drive home.

Zilker tree, Austin

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