Variations on a Theme

Finally a decent weekend for cycling in the Austin area. Not just decent, pretty much ideal. You know, a mid 70’s, cloudless, light breeze kind of day. Spring has arrived on cue. Trees and bushes have all decided now’s the time to bloom. And the Live Oaks are doing their best imitation of what passes for fall color – in the spring. Now’s when they finally get around to dropping their leaves and sprouting new ones. All in a few short weeks. This year they’ve developed a kind of brownish yellow that’s seems just a bit brighter than usual.

Couldn’t presuade anyone to go out to Liberty Hill but that’s where I headed. Got a late start because of the time change but still on the ride by about noon. For a change of pace I did a bit different route over otherwise pretty familiar roads. Here’s the route map. About 37 miles.

The route included one of my favorite stretches of road out in that neck of the woods, and that’s cty road 336 between Oatmeal and Liberty Hill. It’s not a long stretch, but it rarely has traffic and runs along a creek that’s just pleasant to look at. The picture below was taken along this route. You can see the creek in the background. I couldn’t honestly tell you what the pink flowered bush is. There seemed to be one of these around every bend today. I don’t remember these in other years. Maybe we’re in for a good display of wildflowers this year. All the creeks are flowing so we’ve definitely had enough moisture this winter. No doubt I’ll post a picture here when they arrive.

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