Rosedale Recap

Rosedale Ride 2010
Rosedale Ride 2010

The Rosedale Ride was this morning. Great weather for it, though it was a little more challenging than anticipated. Met up with Jim and his buddy Ken Herman for the ride. While I think we’d all thought maybe we’d be doing the 42 miler when we started, the ridin’ was easy for the first 25 or so and at the fork in the road we veered onto the 62 miler. Never mind we’d been enjoying a tail wind for that first 25’ish miles.

While most folks were enjoying a nice breezy spring day, temps in the 70’s on their way to 80’s, out there east of Austin on the barren plains (barren at this time of year anyway) we were thinking it felt a lot more like “wind”. What had been effortless became real work. None of us had ridden much more than 40 miles in recent memory so the extra 20+ against the wind felt a little tough. Thank God for the rest stops. I piled in the food to stoke the fire.

Ride participation seemed a little lower this year than other Rosedale Rides I’ve been to. Could have been due to other events. As we rode out north of town we went by the Champion’s Triathalon event at Lake Pflugerville. Lots of bikes/people out there. And today was the LBJ 100 too. So many rides and choices at this time of year.

Finished up the ride pretty much spent, cramping and dreaming of what I’d have for dinner. 😉 But no doubt, I’ll be back for more another year.

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