Piedmont: Buffalo Cheeses

Another one of the welcome cards I got allowed me to visit the Moris cheese shop in Alba. They specialize in Buffalo cheeses and in this case that means from a domesticated water buffalo. To be honest while I’d heard of buffalo mozzarella before, I’d never quite connected the dots to realize that the true product came from water buffalos in Italy, and hence the name.

It turns out they make a lot of different cheeses from the water buffalo. We tried at least 4 or 5 different cheeses including the mozzarella.

I always like fresh mozzarella but I’d have to say this was particularly fresh and tasty. It had been made that day according to the guy at the counter who was clearly very proud of this cheese. It had an extraordinarily creamy taste to it that I don’t recall from similar cheese back home. This was definitely not a low fat product.

The other cheeses were semi-hard types of cheeses, all with a pretty light, mild flavor. The exception was a buffalo blue cheese that was more sharp, hard and definitely different than something like a Maytag blue. I preferred the semi-hard cheeses – though the mozzarella was the clear fav.

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