Piedmont: A Visit to Ceretto Winery

As I headed to my stay in Sinio I had made arrangements to visit Ceretto winery. It was in the general direction and it was in fact one pointed out as worth a visit.

As it turned out, I was the only one there and once again treated to some very personal service. Kinda nice. There were lots of cars in the parking lot but apparently all were staff. I was told 90 people worked there. Definitely not a small operation.

In fact I’m pretty sure I recognize the big ‘B’ in the Blangé Langhe Arneis label I have pictured here. I think it’s a wine I can probably get at home. I’ve enjoyed the Arneis I’ve had while here and I’ll definitely look for it once I’m back home. I will say though my limited experience suggests I tend to prefer the Arneis from Roero just to the north a bit more. Maybe just something a little more balanced and smooth about it. Guess I’ll need to try more to confirm that. 😉 Ceretto is clearly pretty well known for their Arneis. They produce 600,000 bottles of it a year! €13.

Also at Ceretto I tried a 2012 Dolcetto. Light and fruity, from an entirely stainless steel production. Wasn’t much going on with this wine. €10.60.

The next two I liked a fair bit more. One was a 2011 Barbaresco. 2 years on oak, one in bottle. Floral on the nose, with a bit of rose petals. Dark red fruit on the taste. Not overly oaky. €26.

The other was a 2005 Barolo. This one was seriously a mouthful and would have been a lot better to try with meaty salami or something. Enjoyable but not so much on its own like the Barbaresco. €54.

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