An Austin TX Summer Approaching

My Bike in the Mexican Hats

As much as I have appreciated the rains we’ve gotten recently I must admit it was nice to have some blue skies and a bit warmer temp again today. We really need the rain and I do hope we get some more soon. It’s in the forecast.

With the return of the sun though, and as I cycled again close to home, I sensed that summer was nearly upon us. The constant breeze of spring had diminished and it felt like the doldrums of summer. And it was warm and humid this morning!

As the photo here suggests, we’ve gone from the lovely Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush of early spring to the ‘Mexican Hats’ that my bike is perched amongst.

Not shown but plentiful this year are also the blooms of the Prickly Pear cactus. When it’s in bloom it’s a sure sign that soon summer heat will be upon us.

And if those were not enough, the Magnolia trees and Crepe Myrtle have started to bloom. The Magnolia trees in particular are a welcome addition for the scent alone.

And if you’re a cyclist like me, you begin to notice that the little lizards come out to sun by the side of the road. They always scatter to the curb when you bike by. They’re fast! No chance you’d hit one.

It’s a pleasant time of year to cycle. Not too hot yet – provided you ride at the right time – and not so chilly you need to break out the colder weather gear.

But … it’s only late May. Soon it’s gonna just be plain old HOT and far less inviting. So get out and ride when it’s at its best.

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