It’s Starting to Seem like Spring

I snapped this picture on the walk back to the office from lunch today.

It’s probably hard to tell, but like a lot of wildflowers here in Texas at this time of year, this flower is really small. You can get some perspective by noticing the 3-leaf clover just to the upper left of the flower. The whole flower is maybe an inch across. Anyway, this is pretty representative of the types of things you’ll find sprouting around here at this time of year.

We’ve finally gotten some much needed rain around here. In fact, it’s raining here again today and everything is greening up really fast.

This little one had popped up next to the parking garage, along with several others like it. I noticed them on the walk home at lunch and brought the camera with me on the return trip. The same area has Bluebonnets growing but they’re nowhere near flowering yet. I’m bound to snap a shot of them if/when they do emerge.

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