The spring weather continues here and lots of things are blooming in Austin. The picture here this time is of a Redbud tree – or so I’m told that’s what these trees are. I got out for a couple of bike rides this weekend and these trees are in bloom everwhere. I had no idea there were so many Redbud trees around here but right now they’re really showy so you can’t miss them. I pulled over at one point and snapped this shot. Not that this is any more full of flowers or beautiful than so many of them. But the foreground plants here were really nice. Looks like some kind of Agave.

Despite the blue skies in the picture, that seemed to be one of the few times the sun was out this weekend. Lots of clouds and plenty of wind – at least it seemed so on a bicycle. The blustery winds often made the cycling slow going. Still though, it was good to get out.

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