I was returning to Austin from Las Vegas and a work event, and happy to be home. Only one day of what was otherwise a few days conference.

Meanwhile, I had an errand to run upon arrival in the south end of Austin later but that meant I had time on my hands for a just bit – and for a change, my flight was on time – and all I’d had earlier in the day was some breakfast around 7 in Las Vegas. So… I was also hungry. Two hour time change and all.

It’s been a [very long] while since I’ve made my way to Winebelly on Oltorf just off south 1st street but for someone returning from the airport it wasn’t far off the beaten path and I’ve been meaning to try the place again. I pulled in around 5 and not surprisingly I had my choice of places to sit. It was a welcome respite from dealing with rush hour.

A few things:

First, the choices by the glass at Winebelly are excellent. I’ll be back to try again. I found Prieto Pricudo by the glass and it’s surprising I found it at all in my opinion. It was a ‘wine find’ during my summer visit to northern Spain this year and I’d never heard of it before that.

Snacks at that hour included Truffle Fries… come on… gotta have some of those fries. And I did.

The other pics here are of Ryan Fulmer, General Manager (based only on my reading) about Winebelly.

In the course of chatting, Ryan recounted a harrowing story of his son in the military recently in Afghanistan. While I won’t elaborate based on the personal accounting, it was a riveting story and no doubt he’s [still] breathing a sigh of relief that fate worked in his favor.

These were all taken at or near my place last weekend. The weather last weekend was quite nice in comparison to today – a week later. It was like 80+ last weekend and this weekend 40 degrees and raining. What a switch.

These were all taken with a 45mm macro lens on an Olympus OM-D EM-1. Not that tells you a lot if you’d just rather look at the photos.



anole lizard

This one of some leaves was actually taken just yesterday. It’s surprisingly bright considering there was little to no sun out yesterday. It was a cloudy and cold (high 30’s) day. Fall color this year seems to be pretty muted and you have to go looking for it.

fall color 2013

One of my coworkers lives in the Spring building and has a pretty nice view of the city. I was over at his place at the end of the day this past week to have dinner and drinks with some other coworkers and happened to have my camera with me – something besides a smartphone camera. The balcony is small but he’s on the southeast corner of the building and it offers a great view of the city. I snapped a few and this one seemed to be a decent exposure. In another year, he may not have this good a view so enjoy it while it lasts.

Because we get so little of it, I make a point of capturing a shot of fall color here in Austin most every year. I looked through this blog and discovered I hadn’t posted a photo last year. Looks like it was all the way back to 2010 for the last installment. Our weather late this fall has been warm and dry. Too warm and too dry by many people’s accounts. It has, however, allowed for some decent leaf color to develop. The following photo was taken here, in Sun Tree Park in River Place, over the Thanksgiving weekend.

I don’t have to ramble too far for basic herbs lately. I’ve got a few this season right on my porch. This year in addition to a couple basil plants like I always get, I’ve added thyme, a ‘tri color’ sage, some Boxwood basil (tiny leaves), tarragon and oregano. The other stuff growing in the box toward the top of the picture is lavender. The lavender isn’t growing very fast but the other stuff is doing ok.

I’ve used most all of it in various kitchen duty in recent weeks except the oregano. I’m sure I’ll put it to use at some point though.

On the eve of a lunar eclipse, it seemed appropriate to snag a photo of the moon rising over the Austin skyline tonight. I snapped this from the pedestrian bridge over Town Lake. (Yes, I know it’s now supposed to be called Lady Bird Lake now but I still think of it as Town Lake.) It looks like we might be in for a good eclipse viewing – if I can stay up or get up at that hour. If it were just at 3am instead… I seem to get up at 3 regardless.

Moon over Austin

Austin fall color

If there’s one season I miss living here in Austin, it’s Fall. We do see some fall color, but you have to go looking for it and it doesn’t usually last long. I took these pictures just before Thanksgiving out on a trail near my place. Unlike yesterday, when we were pushing 80 degrees, today it feels like Fall again so it seemed appropriate to finally get around to posting these. It’s become something of an annual thing to post similar finds.

Austin leaves

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